GERS Flooring Flooring Ideas

Splendid Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Flooring Ideas With Splendid Varieties Of Hardwood

GERS Flooring Flooring Ideas

If it is time to redo your flooring, or you want to make a floor for a new house, you need to decide what you want beneath your feet. Of course, the first choice of most homeowners is wood. You have hundreds of options when it comes to doing flooring. Here is a look at some of them.

Using a Wooden floor on Concrete

Let us say, you have made a house of concrete and have concrete flooring. You want to install wood. There is an option to use carpet but let us say, you are looking at hardwood flooring for your home. This is a preference for high-quality homes since it enhances the real estate value and adds to its decor. Many of those homes have a Neo-Colonial style or remain done in Modern style. It is natural to opt for wood finishing for all the interiors.

To make a floor over concrete, contact GERS Flooring, and you are done with your desired hardwood flooring. To accomplish this task, our professionals first place a water barrier over the concrete. Then, they make underlayment for the floor. They screw ¾ inch plywood into the concrete and nail ¾ inch planks to this. This raises the floor height by 1½ inches. However, this can give rise to a separate set of problems so our experts make sure they have it leveled well while putting the planks.

Circumvent problems faced

One could face a problem with cabinets since they might not move easily so we lift them up or move them out to do your flooring first. Then, bring them back in. If we watch out for this, then one could have a wonderful hardwood floor. Keep an eye out for space under doors.

Another problem you could face is getting concrete moist due to external water. For this, we use a 6mm polythene sheet over concrete. This will stop most of the moisture (if any) from seeping through. Now, we lay ¾ inch plywood, fasten it to be concrete with concrete screws. These screws are spaced at 16 inches center to center. The 1 x 4 planks are placed perpendicular to the direction of floor planks.

Now, we can nail your floor planks to the floor. Any popular wood of choice can be used such as Tigerwood, Cherry, Maple, Hickory hardwood, Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Bamboo, or Acacia boards. Our professionals install this floor with great efficiency. They will do it fast and more accurately. Never do it yourself because you will have to buy expensive professional equipment, which will cost you very high.

Refinishing a wood floor

If we already have an old floor in a house, it is possible to redo this entire thing. We have three options here – sanding, staining, and refinishing. Refinishing is an option for badly damaged and discolored places since you will get back that beautiful floor in a matter or three to seven days. However, this is a costly option. Sanding is simple, easy, and less time-consuming, as it does not involve any complex machinery.

All we need is a ¾ inch of hardwood flooring that we may remove to redo it so that all over a house, you have the same color and texture. Though sanding does look simple, it is not. We take care of not removing too much of those top layers otherwise you will feel bumps, and dirt will begin to stagnate.

GERS Flooring Flooring Ideas

Improving the resale value of a house

For putting up houses for sale, one needs to have good exterior and interior looks. Choose to do staining if there are discolorations on a floor where movement of people has caused much wear. This will add an aged look to a house, and so it is better to do away with them by doing the staining. In this, we add paint to those discolored white patches, so they become fine within days. This is easy yet inexpensive. You will have a good look and be happy with the way this house looks now.

If you plan to do sanding of linoleum flooring, you can avoid spending much by removing only those top layers of polyethylene. Our professionals can then add this polyethylene sheet alone by simple lamination. Or, go in for a regular staining if your wood flooring has many cuts or scratches. Before we do this, we have to do sanding to remove those cuts or scratches.

Installing a bamboo floor

Other than this, one may also install regular bamboo flooring. One can install this in three different ways.

  1. Floating the floor
  2. Gluing it to concrete or subfloor
  3. Nailing a floor to a wood subfloor

For floating a floor, we use tongue and groove flooring. This reduces both installation time and effort. For this, we place 10mm spacers all around your room. You need this because it will allow for expansion due to heat. The tongue is fixed using the glue and grooving in place. You can use different patterns by staggering planks across a room. We take care of not gluing the board to the underlay, as this will cause problems.

This will increase the value of your property by maintaining it in good condition. Adding a good floor will increase its value. If you do not want to splurge on a full-fledged floor, choose a more inexpensive option such as staining or refinishing. Hardwood floors maintain their good look for many years.


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