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As a homeowner, there are several options to make your house stand out. However, one item that often goes overlooked is your flooring. Most people see hardwood floors as just something to walk on. But when you choose an expert flooring contractor in New Jersey, your floors can be so much more.

GERS Flooring offers the best affordable flooring options in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania with offices in Longbranch, Rumson, Hoboken and Middletown New Jersey. Whether you just need a better-quality flooring option or you’re looking for a custom design, we do it all!

Call today to schedule your quote and discover how we can make the most of any hardwood floors. We offer quick service times and competitive pricing every day. Call us today 908-679-5371.

Hardwood Floors in West Long Branch, NJ

Our team has provided better hardwood flooring options for over two decades. No matter what home décor ideas you have, we can make the most with expert service and an eye for detail.

Call today for all your hardwood flooring service needs. We can make your home or business look its best with:

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    Top Rated Wood Flooring Company

    No matter what area you live or operate a business in, better flooring options are just a phone call away. We service the greater northern portion of New Jersey, bringing better hardwood floors to more people.

    Whether you live in West Long Branch, NJ, Hoboken, NJ, Rumson, NJ, Long Branch, NJ, or the surrounding communities, we are here for you. Stop living with old, worn hardwood flooring and call your best team today!

    Hardwood Installation

    Most homeowners would agree that hardwood floors just achieve better results than tile or laminate. However, flooring results are only as good as the installation behind it.

    Our team has the skill you can rely on to install your flooring right each time. We achieve the results other companies wish they could!

    In addition to better installation services, we also offer custom designs as well. When you need a custom flooring pattern installed, or you have a new idea to try out, just call us to bring it to life!

    For the premier choice in local hardwood installations in West Long Branch, NJ, just choose before anyone else. No matter the extent of your design, our team is always here to assist!

    Hardwood Floor Sanding

    One of the worst things about hiring a flooring company is the mess to clean up later. Scraps of materials and piles of sawdust make a ton of work for you!

    Our company provides cleaner, faster installations with our dustless sanding process ensuring little to no mess each time. If you’re sick of cleaning up after your flooring job, then this is the best service for you.

    Call today to experience the difference of better professional hardwood sanding solutions. We make the most of any job that you have!

    Affordable Wood Staining

    Are your flooring options standing out for the wrong reasons? Do you wish that they matched the rest of your home better?

    Luckily for you, you don’t have to get stuck with hardwood that doesn’t match. Even if it’s already in place, our team can stain any hardwood surface.

    We can stain floors numerous different colors, helping you achieve the perfect balance each time. No matter what the end effect is that you’re trying to accomplish, our team can do it all!

    Call us today for your best hardwood staining. We’ll make your home or office look its best!

    Floor Refinishing Service

    When your floors have superficial blemishes, but you aren’t ready to replace them all just yet, you may be able to extend their useful service life. Hardwood refinishing restores flooring to look like new again!

    That is ideal for anyone who still owns functional flooring that just needs some attention. Before you rip out and replace your floors, make sure that we can’t refinish them first.

    Hardwood refinishing is among the most cost-effective ways to update your home. Stop living with scratches, dings, and faded surfaces and call for professional refinishing!

    Any Flooring Type

    We do more than just answer house calls. Whether your home needs a makeover or you’re looking for ways to make your business stand out, our team is here for you!

    You can find us working hard daily at more residential homes, commercial spaces, and even industrial buildings. We install, resurface, and replace more flooring types than anyone else around.

    When you need the best flooring company working for you, look no further than us. We get the results other companies can’t!
    No matter how involved your hardwood job may be, we have what it takes to complete it all. Call us today for your best hardwood flooring service provider!

    Custom Hardwood Floor Designs

    Many people settle for tile flooring because they want a unique design created just for them. However, they may not realize that hardwood can do the same thing!

    However, it takes a real experienced hardwood expert to create custom design options. Our team makes the most of any request, helping your home look how you’ve always envisioned.

    We create custom flooring designs, from statement pieces in home entrances to even custom wall art. Whatever you need your best flooring to do for you, we can ensure the best results possible each time.

    If you are considering switching over to tile floors, call us and let’s discuss your options. You may find that you can hold on to hardwood surfaces when you choose us!

    For the best in Hoboken complete hardwood solutions, you need GERS Flooring working hard for you. We offer comprehensive services for any flooring need every single day.

    You never have to overpay for lousy flooring jobs. We have the experience you need and pricing you can afford!
    When you deserve the top name in local hardwood services, you can’t go wrong when you hire us. Call today for your best hardwood flooring installations!

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