Wood Floor Medallions

 Decorative and Unique Wood Floor Medallions

Hardwood floors are loved by many people for many reasons which include beauty, inevitably add value to a home, and can last for many years. Also, hardwood floors with custom floor medallions are very special, since they often add a dramatic architectural element that makes a property unique. Hardwood floor medallions are not part of original installation. Instead, they are installed with the help of hardwood floor professionals like ourselves. Luckily, caring for floor medallions is the same as caring for hardwood floors.

Floor medallions are made from different hardwood species with varying hardness ratings. However, special care may be needed to avoid damage from floor scratches, gouges, dents, water damage and much more. Hardwood Flooring Company offers free consultations and estimates on all our floor services which include medallion installation projects. Call us today at (201) 297-9916 for a free, estimate or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with us.

Custom Wood Floor Medallions

GERS Flooring in Jersey City, New Jersey focuses on contemporary Medallions that provide a unique and beautiful look to your home. We provide professional wood flooring services in Jersey City and surrounding areas. Medallion designs offered at Hardwood Flooring Company are handcrafted and custom made by a team of expert craftsmen. We offer free quote.

At GERS Hardwood Flooring you can find the best and unique medallions architecture available in different styles and types. We provide custom medallion designs according to your specific needs and budget. For the best selection and installation of hardwood medallions in Jersey City, New Jersey you need to make use of our expertise at GERS Flooring Company. Hardwood medallions are personal addition for any homeowner with hardwood flooring.

These come in a wide range of sizes, patterns and shapes. Just imagine opening your front door to see an attractively handcrafted hardwood medallion. With images and designs engraved from different types of wood. A wood medallion lends personality and class to any room, you put it in.


Your Wood Floor Medallion Expert

We offer many exceptional services that cover all your hardwood medallion needs. These include:

Installation of Hardwood Medallions

We have been installing hardwood medallions with a team of skilled floor installers for many years. The owner is present on every job, and your satisfaction is our main priority. When you get the installation of your hardwood medallions from GERS Flooring, you will have your choice of the best and quality hardwood medallions.

We can also perform custom work. Installation of medallions in existing wood flooring requires finishing and sanding to achieve a unified consistency between the old and the new. With our experience and professional skills, we are confident of providing the most attractive hardwood medallions in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Repair of Hardwood Medallions

If you don’t get your hardwood medallions installed by an expert, you may encounter difficulties. They may wear in a different ways from the rest of your flooring and can also suffer breaks. At GERS Flooring we know hardwood medallions.

We are your go-to company when you need repair of your hardwood medallion. We have many years of experience working with medallions, from basic patterns to intricate designs. Let Hardwood Flooring Company do your hardwood medallion repairs, maintenance and installation and get back your shining floors.

Maintenance of Hardwood Medallions

Unlike your normal flooring, hardwood medallions are made of strips of exotic wood mounted to a ply-board backing. This offers the artist many options, but also means your medallion will not be able to endure the same number of sanding and refinishing as your standard wood flooring. We offer affordable pricing and can refinish your hardwood floor medallions the right way. That way your hardwood medallion will last long like your home. For the pricing, installation and best selection of hardwood medallions in Jersey City, New Jersey, contact GERS Flooring today.

Quality Wood Floor Medallions

Are you searching for a signature piece to add elegance and style to the floors in your office or home? Wood floor medallions offer you the residential or commercial flooring accent you have been searching for. Our wood medallions can be installed in existing or new construction floors as part of the remodeling process. Hardwood Flooring Company has the quality and design you are looking for with unmatched service. All floor medallion orders can be personalized to meet your needs. Contact GERS Flooring to discuss how we can create an amazing showpiece for your business or home.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team of professionals and project managers are trained in the latest application methods, they are also friendly and meticulous. As wood flooring installation experts, GERS Flooring is dedicated to providing customers with efficient, professional and prompt service.

  • We ensure work sites are acceptable for installation.
  • All projects are managed by our project managers.
  • We ensure compliance with manufacturers guidelines.
  • We make additional effort to prepare the area, including covering walls with plastic.
  • No need to vacate your home.
  • We adhere to proper installation and acclimation of flooring.
  • Furniture can be put in place the next day.
  • Floors can be walked on within a few hours.

For all your wood flooring medallions needs in Jersey City, New Jersey, contact GERS Flooring at 201-297-9916 today. You can also contact our customer representative to learn more about our services. Do not hesitate to contact us today, you’ll be glad you did.

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