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The typical Jersey City, New Jersey home likely relies on hardwood for their flooring materials. For many years, it has remained the popular choice for more New England households for its affordability and long-lasting durability.

However, what many residents don’t understand is that without providing it with the right level of care and maintenance, you’ll need to replace your floors sooner than you anticipated. Not only is that a costly mistake to make, but an unnecessary one to boot.

Thankfully, you can still count on GERS Flooring to provide you with the highest quality for installation services, repairs, and more. Whatever you need to make your floors appear and perform at their best, you can find it all for less by hiring us.

No one else achieves better hardwood floors and longer lasting protection than our experienced contractors. When you need the best service provider around for your home’s wood floors, you need us today.

GERS Flooring Flooring Ideas

Jersey City Hardwood Flooring

You think that you are hiring a hardwood flooring contractor, but they inform you that they only do sanding. Or, they arrive with old, worn out equipment that just leaves your floors streaked and damaged.

Every year, our team gets called in to fix what other poor-quality contractors left behind, forcing homeowners to pay several times to complete the same job. Whether they attempted to handle it by themselves after watching videos online, or they didn’t ask for references, they make the wrong hiring decision each time.

Instead, our contractors can give you the best in complete maintenance solutions, no matter what stage your wood surfaces currently remain. Whether you need a better choice for new floor installations or you need expert help maintaining them, we offer it all for less:

  • New Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Surface Refinishing
  • Wood Floor Sanding
  • Wood Stain Applications
  • Hardwood Floor Restoration
  • Residential Service
  • Commercial Floor Options
  • And more professional hardwood contractor services.

When you need to give your wood floors the level of care that they deserve, you can still count on us for all your service needs. Call us today and give your home the best in complete hardwood floor solutions today

Hardwood Installation

All too often, cheap installation companies come in, throw your floor together, and leave once they get paid. However, they didn’t take the necessary precautions before starting work, and it doesn’t take long for your floors to form problems.

Unfortunately, by the time you see issues happen, they are already off the hook. Because they offered to do your job at rock bottom pricing, they didn’t include a service warranty.

Instead, we never take shortcuts that we don’t have to, and we professionally prepare the site before starting your installation. By accounting for moisture, temperature, and ensuring that the subfloor remains in working condition, we can provide your best floors each time.

Even if an installation looks excellent at first, it can quickly develop problems when the seasons change outside. You can’t risk premature issues with other contractors, especially when we still save you more on every job.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Over time, a hardwood floor will need to get refinished. Even when scratches, scuffs, and other blemishes seem mostly cosmetic, it’s a sign that the initial seal coat is wearing off.

Unfortunately, when it’s time to sand down wood floors again is when homeowners decide to go cheap. They hire the first contractor they find without asking for a portfolio, and they leave your house looking awful.

Once they finish sanding and refinishing your floors, you find nothing but machinery streaks and debris littered throughout your hardwood surfaces. Because they didn’t take the time to maintain their equipment, or regularly sweep and vacuum, you get the worst quality of floor refinishing.

Before you pay to have the same job completed twice, we offer affordable refinishing services that maintain your floors the best for less. Why risk ruining your surfaces with anyone else when we remain the trusted choice every day?


Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood sanding is a necessary step before most maintenance actions get taken. That is especially true of floors getting prepped for a new coat of stain, sealant, and other coating needs.

Some homeowners do the math, and they see that they could save a fortune by doing the sanding portion by themselves. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to destroy floors by not understanding how the process should go.

Hardwood floors require several sanding processes with varying grits of sandpaper and several items to rent, all of which need skill to use successfully. If you have never attempted sanding your floors before, you don’t want to learn in the house that you live.

Before you make your worn hardwood floors appear even worse or you accidentally cause thousands of dollars in damages, you need our affordable experts assisting you now. Call GERS Flooring today for your best wood floor sanding.


Wood Floor Staining

Some homeowners misunderstand what wood floor staining will accomplish. We have encountered many customers who attempted staining their surfaces by themselves, often with disastrous results.

Flooring stain does the same thing that it will on any wood areas. It only changes or enhances the natural coloring of the material, but it doesn’t offer any further protection.

Whether the species of tree used in their floors are naturally resistant to staining, or they wound up leaving it on the area for too long, staining your hardwood is often not as simple as it first appears. And if the right preparatory steps don’t get taken first, it only ruins the finish in the end.

From making your surfaces appear darker, to ensuring that your wood gets sanded correctly, our team always gets the job done right. Allow our flooring experts to help you save on better staining services and hire us today.


Hardwood Floor Restoration

One reason why hardwood flooring remains such a cost-effective choice is that you can restore it several times before having it completely replaced. However, it takes a seasoned professional to know whether or not your surfaces stay eligible for restoration, or if they are already past their prime.

Most wood floors can only get sanded roughly four or five times before they no longer retain enough room to sand. If they are down to their last quarter of an inch of thickness, you’ll only completely wear them away.

While an experienced homeowner might feel capable of converting restoration into a Do It Yourself project, you will likely find the entire process long and challenging. Not only will you need a ton of equipment and supplies, but it almost always takes longer than you think that it will.

Attempting a restoration job on older homes also runs the risk of disturbing old asbestos used in the subfloor. The faster, safer, and more affordable way to restore your floors is always hiring us first.

New Jersey Hardwood Flooring

One reason why we remain the affordable option for your home is that we provide service throughout the immediate area. If the Sandy Hook Ferry can take us there, we service your neighborhood.

You can see our staff hard at work up and down the bay, and we have several regional offices as well. That way, we can continue providing better wood flooring solutions to more New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania communities every day.

Why wait for hours on end for other teams to get caught in rush hour traffic? Instead, we provide more convenient service throughout the area, including:

  • Jersey City
  • West Long Branch
  • Long Branch
  • Rumson
  • Hoboken
  • Middletown
  • Bay Ridge
  • Dyker Heights
  • Fort Hamilton
  • Newport
  • Sunset Park
  • New York & Pennsylvania Offices
  • And more local communities.

When you need to know that you’ve chosen the best local team for your home or office, you won’t find a more qualified group of contractors than ours. See why more residents turn to us when their hardwood floors need help

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Why Hire Us?

We always say that the best quality of finish that a company can achieve is wood floors that don’t draw your attention. It’s when other service providers leave behind blemishes and improper installation techniques that your eyes wander to the most.

When we service your house, the only thing that you will see is perfect wood floors with the sheen that you love to experience each morning. Whether you need us to install, repair, or replace your surfaces, we guarantee the best results possible and at affordable pricing.

You can find seemingly countless options in local contractor services, often from your local big-box hardware retailer. However, unless you know that they have experience and years of successful installations, you’re only wasting money and time by hiring them.

Although wood surfaces remain durable, they can also get easily damaged beyond repair. When you can’t risk your floors to just anyone, you can always depend on us for the best results.