Hardwood Restoration

Over time, all surfaces fade, chip, and wear away. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less frustrating to maintain them.
Even something as durable as hardwood floors require care from time to time. Unfortunately, some think that their only course of action is tear down and rebuild.

Hardwood flooring is an affordable material type, but when you pay to have it installed every few years, it soon stacks up. How can you save on your flooring maintenance needs?

An affordable solution to all your flooring issues is with professional restoration services. Unlike resurfacing, restoration is necessary to keep floors looking their best.

Rather than replacing them with new boards or hiding impurities with stain and paint, restoration aims to restructure hardwood surfaces. By repairing minor issues with original textures and wood adhesives, we can make the most of any flooring you have.
Before you spend a fortune replacing your hardwood floors, call GERS Flooring today to ask about our restoration services. You’ll be impressed at what we can do for your needs and budget!

Why are we the best Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Company In Long Branch NJ?

Hardwood flooring is sturdy, but wood can’t take a punch like stone or tile can. As a result, even the most careful homeowners wind up with scuffs, scratches, dents, and also chipping.

Not only is chewed up hardwood unsightly, but it could cause splinters. That is potentially dangerous to small children, pets, and others living in your home.

Unlike more durable flooring types, hardwood often can get restored. By carefully inserting new texture pieces were the original components wore away, we can make it look like it just came from a store shelf.

When you need your floors to look like new without paying for replacements, then floor restoration is what your home needs. Call GERS Flooring today to schedule your best affordable wood floor restoration solutions!