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At times, it can feel as if Rumson, NJ, is a small-town community. However, other times it feels every bit as busy as New York City. Locating reliable services that don’t cost a fortune can be difficult. But when it comes to professional flooring solutions, there’s only one name more residents trust.

GERS Flooring is still the top name in Rumson and Hoboken, NJ, hardwood services. We offer complete hardwood floor installation, resurfacing, restoration, and more, all at the fairest pricing possible. If you’re done spending too much on big national companies, or it seems as if no one achieves the quality you need, our team is here for you.

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No matter where in the community that you may be, our team is already working hard in your area. We service the entire Rumson community, bringing affordable expert hardwood services to your front door.

We offer full-service coverage for Hoboken, Rumson, and the broader northern region of New Jersey. No matter where you need your best new floors, you can always depend on us.  Call us for the top choice for flooring professionals. We are just a call away!


    Why Hire GERS Flooring In Rumson, New Jersey?

    We understand that there are many choices that you could call for your home or business. However, we know that they won’t give you the superior quality that we achieve. We only hire local flooring experts that know how to get your job done right on the first try. One of our best traits is fast and accurate flooring solutions on every call.

    When you choose us for your flooring needs, you can enjoy faster finish times and lower costs. We also rely on the latest in flooring tools and equipment, giving you the best installation possible. Another top reason why more residents trust us is our unique dust free sanding solutions. Whether you have stubborn food stains, need floor resurfacing, or are even planning on painting wood floors, it helps to have clean and smooth sanded edges.

    Unlike other companies that only leave your home covered in dust, we keep our workspace clean for longer. Don’t let messy companies charge a fortune when you can have expert service and affordable pricing each time!

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    Choose us for the convenient choice of professional flooring solutions. Whether you need us for your local business or your residence, we can handle any job that you have!

    Call us whenever you need to save on the best quality of hardwood flooring. You won’t find a better team than the one at GERS Flooring.

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    For the best in Hoboken, Rumson and Middletown NJ complete hardwood solutions, you need GERS Flooring working hard for you. We offer comprehensive services for any flooring need every single day.

    You never have to overpay for lousy flooring jobs. We have the experience you need and pricing you can afford! When you deserve the top name in local hardwood services, you can’t go wrong when you hire us. Call today for your best hardwood flooring installations!


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