Benefit of Laminate Wood Flooring

There Are Many Benefits to Laminating Your Wood Floor

Wood is one of the most sought-after flooring options. Old traditional homes or even newer homes with higher price points have hardwood floors. New homes in Hoboken New Jersey  with lesser price points but still want to have floors that look like natural wood have turned to laminate wood flooring as the best alternative. These homeowners believe that the benefit of laminate wood flooring can very well compensate for not being able to go for natural hardwood flooring.

Laminate wood flooring consists of a photo image of natural hardwood atop layers of high density and protective layers to create highly durable laminate wood flooring. Composite woods pressed together are what make up the layers of laminate wood. These layers are pressed at high temperatures.

The cost of installing laminate wood flooring is about 50% cheaper than that of natural hardwood installation. However the looks and appearance of laminate wood is not far away from natural hardwood. Many people have mistaken laminate wood flooring for real natural hardwood flooring.

The manufacturing process of laminate wood flooring has seen a lot of improvements allowing the production of more realistic finishes. The mass production of laminate wood flooring has also caused these flooring type of be more affordable.

Realistic Design

Many wood laminates look so real making it is difficult to tell if what you are looking at is natural hardwood or laminate wood. The cost of laminate wood, among many other factors, is based on its realism – how close it looks to real hardwood.

Highly Durable

Laminate wood consist of 4 layers of compressed wood with wooden fiber as its core along with other layers for increased durability.

Layer 1 or the bottom layer of laminate wood is a backing layer that provides stability, structural integrity and moisture barrier.

Layer 2 is made of fiber and compressed wood. This is a strong and dense inner layer.

Layer 3 is the decorative layer of laminate wood flooring. It is made of melamin. This is where the extremely detailed photograph of natural wood, tile ceramic or stone to provide realism is laid out.

Layer 4 or the top layer is also made of melamine and it this layer that provides the durability of the laminate wood flooring through an awesome finish that is resistant to wear, fading, and stains. Some laminate wood flooring products have an added aluminum oxide layer, a very hard mineral compound, for more resistance to surface moisture, fading and wear and tear.

Style and Design

Laminate wood flooring is available in a wide range of style, colors and finishes that resemble wood, tile and stone. All designs are available in various surface treatments, colors, plank styles and thickness.

Subfloor Compatibility

One of the biggest benefits of laminate wood flooring is that they can be installed on almost all types of subfloor. From concrete to any existing floors such as vinyl, laminate floor can be installed atop them without need for further surface preparation.

Easy to Install

Laminate wood boards interlock with each other making them easy to install. They can simply be installed atop existing floors saving on preparation and installation costs and time.

Environment Friendly

Having laminate wood flooring is tantamount to having natural hardwood flooring. Both flooring solutions look exactly the same. In effect, you have achieved the look of natural hardwood without having to cut any trees. Although laminate wood is much cheaper than natural hardwood it is almost comparable in appearance and quality.

Stain Resistant

Any spills, solid or liquid will not damage laminate wood floors. They can just be simply wiped off with a damp cloth. The finishing is so tough that stains will never stick on them.

Scratch Resistant

The tough external layer of laminate wood flooring with resin coating makes it highly durable and resistant to scratching making it an ideal choice for homes with kids and dogs and in high traffic areas.

Water Resistant

The backing and top layer of laminate wood flooring products are resistant to moisture which means it is not likely to distort or warp due to moisture below the ground or on the top.

Fade resistant

Even with too much exposure to the sun the top layer of laminate wood flooring will not fade because of the tough top layer coatings.


Laminate wood flooring is ideal for homes with family members that are prone to allergic reactions. In this type of flooring dust and other allergens have no place to get trapped. The bottom layer includes a moisture barrier that prevents the growth of molds and mildew as well as protecting the floor from any damage.

Does not Attract Termites

Termites are one of the worst pests that can cause damage to any home. While laminate wood flooring looks exactly like natural wood flooring, terminates only go for the real thing so they not get into laminate wood flooring.

Easy to Clean

Laminate wood flooring is stain resistant making it easy to clean. Any spills are easy to clean without the need of any special cleaners. Dust and dirt are easy to clean too with a few strokes a dust mop.

Easy to Maintain

Laminate wood flooring is low in maintenance because of the sealant applied to the planks. Aside from routine cleaning there is no seasonal deep cleaning necessary.

Long-Term Flooring Warranties

All laminate wood flooring manufacturers provide at least a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The benefit of laminate wood flooring makes it a popular alternative to natural hardwood flooring. Both flooring systems appear similar but laminate wood is much cheaper and easier to install.

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