Hardwood Sanding

We proudly represent ourselves as the best hardwood Floor Sanding Service in New Jersey. We can say that because we've been sanding floors for over 20 years and have completed some of the best projects in the Tri-State.

When people think of “sanding,” it’s often during initial construction, or to remove the uppermost surface and its impurities. However, sanding has other applications as well.

In your home, the surface that most requires sanding is undoubtedly hardwood flooring areas. Over time, scratches, scuffs, and splinters develop from everyday use.

Sanding isn’t a complicated process, but it may be a messy one. That is why, at GERS Flooring, we prefer to do things differently.

When you hire us for your hardwood floors, we employ our best dustless sanding system. Not only will our equipment drastically reduce the amount of mess we create, but it gives you a better, smoother finish each time.

Why should you continue to pay for someone to cover your home in saw dust? Instead, you can have the professional choice keeping your home clear of debris.

When you need the best in Hoboken and Rumson, NJ, hardwood services, just call our team. We’ll be there to provide the best service and lower pricing.

Hardwood Floor Sanding in Long Branch? We're The Best!

Sanding is a necessary step in so many aspects of flooring. In fact, before the surface can receive stain or paint, it must get sanded first.

Sanding strips the very top layer of the wood, allowing the boards to absorb paint. Without sanding first, you run the risk of it drying oddly, or the planks not taking it on as it should.

Even if you’re planning on having your floors resurfaced or refinished, you’ll likely require sanding first. And when you call us, we ensure you get prompt, clean service each time.

Stop using flooring companies that still sand by hand! Our team uses our best dust free solutions to keep your home clear of debris.

Call GERS Flooring today and save on better sanding solutions. We’re here to make your floors look like new!