Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood flooring is the preferred choice for many homeowners. In some instances, hardwood floors may last as long as 75 years! While your flooring may remain durable, you will eventually need to address surface issues. And some types of hardwoods are more prone to visible scratches and dents than others, forcing you to correct them sooner rather than later.

However, you may not need to pay to replace your home’s floors completely. Before you spend thousands tearing up floorboards and swapping them for new ones, there may be a more affordable choice.

In addition to providing better hardwood flooring installations, GERS Flooring also refinishes any surface. Whether you have scratches from heavy furniture, scuffs from everyday wear and tear, or just need to restore your dull wood finish, our team is here for you. Our goal is to offer affordable service to as many local Hoboken, NJ, and Rumson, NJ, residents on their flooring needs than any other local company. Call today for your local flooring experts and save more!

Why Hardwood Refinishing?

When you have your floors refinished, there is likely no need to remove the boards. In fact, most of the process happens to the top layer, where it gets restored to looks as close to new as possible. Our team uses our best dustless sanding system to provide a clean, fast, and efficient surface. Then our team coats your flooring in a stain that matches the original shade and color.

You’ll be amazed at how close to the original flooring your home or office looks! In no time at all, we’ll turn the clock back on your hardwood surfaces. Don’t pay to remove and reinstall hardwood floors until we’ve inspected them first. When you need to save on better quality hardwood flooring solutions, you can always rely on GERS Flooring. The best wood floor refinishing service in Long Branch NJ.