Hardwood Staining Hoboken

Do you love your hardwood floors, but wish that they were darker? Or do you have rooms in your home that just don’t quite seem “right”?

While many homes have at least some areas of improvement, some methods are more expensive than others. And when you learn that you took the hard way out, it can create immense buyer’s remorse!

Hardwood flooring is an affordable building material. However, when homeowners begin ripping floors out and switching it to a different style, it creates an expensive mess!

You may not even need to change your current flooring to achieve the results you need. In fact, before you pull any floorboards out, you might want to consider professional surface staining.

When you hire GERS Flooring for your home or business, you’re choosing affordable and effective hardwood surface solutions. One of our top service types is hardwood staining applications.

Whether you need to darken a surface, match a wall color, or you have decided it’s time for a change, our team is here for you. Call us for affordable hardwood staining services.

What is wood Floor Staining?

Staining hardwood surfaces is a lot like changing wall colors. First, the original cover must wear down before the new color can get added.

We begin with our dust free sanding service, stripping away only the top layer of your floors. Then, once it’s smooth and clean once more, the wood is prepared for stain.

The color is added directly to the surface, worked in until it’s a smooth, even application. Soon, your floors will appear as if they’ve always been that color!

Don’t spend too much on your floor staining needs. Instead, you can save a ton on better results with GER Flooring.