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Gerry has been the proud owner of GERS Flooring for over 20 years. We pride ourselves as being the premier hardwood Flooring Experts in Hoboken. Our clients have ranged from the largest builders in Hoboken and Hudson county to residents looking to refinish their wood floor entranceway. Call us and we will provide you an affordable and reliable quote the same day.

You deserve a local hardwood flooring team that is nearby, fast, and affordable. No matter where in the broader Hoboken area you happen to live, GERS Flooring is there for you. We install, repair, and resurface any hardwood surface you have, making it look like new. Whether you need a better choice for stains, for sanding, or for the better installation, look no further than us.  We handle all your flooring concerns fast each day. Call us today: 201-903-9774.

    Looking to Hire A Flooring Contractor in the Hoboken, Hudson County, NJ area?

    We understand that you could call some competing companies. However, you just won’t find the same results that you could with us.

    Unlike national franchises, we are a locally owned and operated company. We work in our backyard, hiring professional flooring experts straight from the community.

    Because we live where we work, we take pride in each job we tackle. We don’t stop until we’ve given you our very best each time.
    When you don’t pay franchise fees and hidden costs, you can save a ton on your flooring needs. Our team gives you the best hardwood flooring services and affordable pricing no matter how extensive your job may be.

    We provide faster, more convenient service and low pricing, giving you your ideal flooring for less. Stop paying too much for the other guys and call us!



    Hardwood flooring adds a classic and charming look to the interiors of your home. It is the only flooring system that improves its appearance over time.

    Matchless Beauty

    Wood flooring gives long-lasting beauty that will never go out of style. A versatile flooring system, it blends well with any interior design. Wood flooring provides a wide range of grain patterns, types, designs and colors because there are a wide variety of trees.

    Improves Home Value

    Hardwood flooring makes interior design a lot easier. Hardwood flooring is, in many instances, one of the reasons new homeowners decide on buying a particular home. This flooring option adds a lot of lasting appeal to all rooms.  

    Quality and Durability

    Harwood flooring is known for its strength and endurance. Being a solid material, it can be refinished and sanded multiple times with affecting the floors quality and durability. The durability of hardwood comes from the wood species it came from. Its wear resistance is provided by the protective finish.




    Clean, Safe and Easy to Maintain

    Hardwood flooring may cost more than other flooring systems but they are easier to clean and maintain. Hardwood flooring does not have any space to conceal debris. Having hardwood flooring in ensures you have a safe and healthy living environment especially when you have family members prone to allergies.


    Hardwood flooring costs less per square foot to install than stone, tile and other hard wood floorings. Carpets cost less to install but they need to be replaced many times long before hardwood flooring shows any possible signs of being worn-out.

    Insulation Properties

    An inch of hardwood has an insulation factor equivalent to a 15-inch concrete making it a natural insulator. It stays warm during winter and cool during summer. An inch of hardwood


    Wood is the most environment-friendly flooring material. It comes from trees so it requires far less energy to produce than tiles and linoleum. Hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity now more than it has ever been.

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